Solution Services

What you get when you hire us

You are not hiring one individual; Our team consists of several specialist engineers and a project manager. We pull in the expertise required to complete the job, when and where it is needed.

We can work closely with a product and hardware design firm to encompass the disciplines you need all in one place.

Our project manager will be your single point of contact and able to translate your business requirements into technical specifications and in turn into a real-world solution.

When you hire us, you pay for results and avoid taking on excessive risks and avoid clocking up unforeseen additional costs.

The advantages of coming to us rather than taking on your own staff are significant. The price you incorporate many costs which are no longer your concern:

  • Project management
  • Multiple specialists
  • Sub-contracting where needed.
  • Test equipment – such as: oscilloscope, multimeter, spectrum analyser, power supply, signal generator, LCR meter, and Spectrometer.
  • Specialist Software licences: such as: Altium Designer, and Visual Studio Professional.
  • Computers
  • Office space and workstations

Delivery by work-package

For most projects we will break up delivery into work-packages to help track progress, reduce risk, and allow re-vectoring of effort quickly. Each work-package is typically 2 to 8 weeks long. Your project manager will keep you up to date on progress and help you plan or re-plan subsequent work-packages to make best use of time and resource.